HRIS – What Does A CEO Want

While looking for HR Automation or when deciding on the features of the HRIS we look at many things including User Friendliness, Features, Stability, Data Security, Support & flexibility. What most companies forget is how can the HR Systems help the CEO of the company in decision making. HR Data has plenty of interesting insights which if used wisely can help the CEO make informed decisions.

Data can be displayed in many different formats including point-in Time view, trends, insights (using Machine learning), help prediction (using data science, AI/CI and ML) and snapshot/live dashboards. While most HR systems will provide the data that can be further imported into a BI tool to give Point-In-Time view or even shows some trends but generating insights, prediction analysis and live dashboards require more than just these tools.

This is where MentisAI comes in. To know more about how to leverage AI in the HR space contact us.

MentisAI highlights:

  • Chat bots
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial & Computational Intelligence
    Many organisations across the globe have already realized the potential and are switching to MentisAI. Are you ready?

Contact us by visiting and you can interact with out sales bot.

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