Performance & Appraisal


Comprehensive and extremely configurable, MENTIS PMS systems has been designed to simplify the complex PMS process.

The candidate lifecycle management is very detailed and helps track candidates throughout the selection process.

The built-in integration with third party resume parsers makes it very powerful and convenient for the end.


  • Define Appraisal and Review Cycles Separately
  • Define goal setting process based on the appraisal templates that can vary across the departments or grades
  • Multiple Goal sheets support for multi practice/ Cost Center based reporting
  • Automatic scoring or feedback based rating system
  • Ability to perform 180/360 degree appraisal
  • Moderation and Normalization of Ratings
  • Linked to increment module (Approval based Workflows)
  • Linked to L&D Module for TNI Generation
  • Tight integration with Email System with critical notifications to ensure timely compliance
  • Nine Box Grid for Succession Planning

Key Features