Training Management


Based on the skill matrix created based on the competency for various levels, the system automatically suggests training needs for the growth of the organization. Integrated with PMS, the training and development plan is directly linked with the achievement of key competencies against the training and development needs.
Tight integration with the budgeting modules allows better control of training and development costs and integration with PMS allows measuring the ROI of training costs.


  • Define training needs – internal or external trainings
  • Set up trainers, faculty, trainings, participants and schedule training
  • Manage and create courses and topics and assign course material if applicable
  • Tight integration with Email to track and handle nominations and approvals
  • Capture training attendance and generate training hour reports as per the attendance
  • Create training Plan and calendar
  • Manage training needs with the help of PMS appraisals, competency chart, and succession planning and employee feedback
  • Create and monitor training budget

Key Features