Balance Discipline and Excitement at Workplace

Your employees spend most part of their time at workplace. While it is important to have policies and procedures in place to ensure high productivity, professionalism, work ethics and discipline, we should not forget that all this is achievable in the long run only if the workplace is exciting for them.

Most employees tend to be more motivated towards the initial phase of their association with their employers. As the time passes, the excitement tends to phase out and frustration begins to creeps in. This may be due to the decline in the urge to prove oneself, disagreement with the supervisors/management and or work culture, disillusionment with the job profile, comparison with previous employers, work pressure, displeasure with the appraisals so on and so forth.

It is not in the interest of any employer to have such a morale of their employees. It may not be feasible for all employers to provide an environment to satisfy everyone. There are however small measures that can be done without compromising on the basic work ethics and delivery quality. Some of the basic initiatives that would not cost much but could provide a motivational kick to your employees:

  • Power Breaks: The power breaks can be given to your employees wherein they can do some recreational activities. If you have game rooms, the employees can play a bit, if not, you may allow them to spend some time on social networking site. If there is a concern with your IT policy you may consider putting a common machine in place for surfing. Employees these days have internet on their phones so all that is required is to allow for small power breaks.
  • You may organize small events or gathering which would allow employees to have a chance to connect outside of the work environment
  • Reshuffle the team for a short duration
  • Allow employees to bring kids to work once a quarter or so
  • Organize indoor games/championships

The list is endless and can vary based on the education, experience and cultural background of your employees. The intention is to have a healthy and balanced work life. You may have good managers who can discipline their team but what is more important is to have team members who are excited to report to work.

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