Payroll & Taxation


Payroll in mentis is lot more than a simple calculator. It addresses the real pain areas of payroll automation including complex arrear calculation, customizable and conditional salary payouts.

It is fully integrated with other modules of Mentis that have direct or indirect impact to employee payout.

MENTIS Payroll combines the data from a wide range of sources and puts them together graphically in one single window for quick decision making.


  • Fully integrated with modules like leave, time office, claims and reimbursements
  • Multi-company and multi-location support
  • Takes care of all statutory requirements including PF, ESI, Professional Tax, Gratuity, labour compliance and related reports
  • Comprehensive Salary Formula Configurator to help automate your computations
  • Automatic Salary Slip generation and dispatch mechanism
  • Rule based arrears calculation, automatic leave and reimbursement limits computation
  • Online Salary reimbursement fully workflow driven
  • Single click payroll generation
  • Built-in checks and balances to warn and prevent you from errors
  • Data Access restrictions for high security
  • High Performance Processing to handle your large workforce payroll processing

Key Features