What Makes Mentis The Best HRIS and Payroll Software?

There are hundreds (or even thousands) of HRIS and Payroll solutions available in the market today. Every week (some times every day) a new HR and payroll software company is opened. With so many options and everyone claiming to be the best, how to decide which is the best. Here is my take on what makes Mentis as the best HR and Payroll software in India today:

There are a certain criteria that the best HR & Payroll solution should meet. Here are the list of the criteria that the Best HRIS software should meet:

Experience Matters – Mentis has been in the market for over a decade. Started in 2007, Mentis has been successfully automating HR & Payroll for many companies. This experience allows Mentis ability to handle many challenges both in terms of implementation issues and solutions to the current HR practices at the companies looking for automation. Companies that have been using manual HR processes tend to struggle at automation as they have been used to handling the data in a particular way and adopting HRIS or Payroll software can at times become overwhelming. Experience in dealing with such challenges becomes very handy in successful implementation.



Depth in the Features – There are numerous HR software in the market today and each claim pretty much the same level of features. Attendance software is not just attendance software for manufacturing industry as it has several requirements like automatic shift allocation, shift rotation, gate pass management, over time management, handling of workers different than the sales staff. Similarly attendance for sales driven organization is entirely different as it involves ability to manage GPS based attendance tracking. Some companies have flexi-shift while others have stern attendance rules. Some┬ácompanies have large manpower located in a centralized office whereas some have widespread retail or sales outlet. Attendance software needs to have the capability to match the needs of the business. This is not just the case for attendance, it is true for appraisal systems, workflows, leaves, expense management, travel, learning & development and so and so forth. This is where the depth of Mentis and its ability to handle all types of requirements come in handy.


Stable Solution – Having a system that works and works regularly is most crucial. A bug free and a stable HRIS is what makes Mentis a highly reliable solution. Once configured it requires little to no maintenance. A time tested system with all niggles sorted out helps companies rely on the output instead of constantly calling vendor for fixes.

Flexible Deployment – It shouldn’t matter if you need the HRIS in your own data centre or comfortable sharing your data with your vendor. There are pros and cons of both approaches and the system should be flexible to offer support for both the models. Mentis HRMS and payroll is available both on cloud and on premises. Mentis uses Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS as the preferred choice for the data centre as these companies offer most reliable and highly scalable and secure infrastructure.

Customizable – No one size fits all. The HRMS needs to be accommodating and be able to balance best practices with the ability to customize the solution as per the business requirements. Mentis is fully customizable to suit the needs of the company. Though it comes with plenty of features built-in with lots of configuration options, there are times when the requirements are unique and hence require changes. Mentis follows a controlled change management process that keeps the management informed about the changes while ensuring that the product stay stable. Unlike other solutions, Mentis prefers to keep the customization inside the product so as to ensure the future upgrades are not impacted.

Capable of Handling Large Transaction Volume – From as low as 100 to even several thousand employees can easily be managed in Mentis. Most of the Mentis initial clients were companies with manpower in excess of 1000. This ensured that scalability was built-in the Mentis HRMS from the first day. Mentis today has several customers that run their HR processes with several thousand employees without any performance issues.

Easy to Use/User Friendly – A good system that is not user friendly will never be successful. Mentis has been a preferred HR & Payroll software due to the ease of use and user friendly features built-into the portal. Mentis require little to absolutely no training for the employees. Even the HR users find it very intuitive and easy to adapt to Mentis.

Affordable/Higher ROI – A good HRMS should have a ROI less than a year. Mentis offers one of the quickest ROI due to an attractive cost and feature mix. Companies have easily recovered their HR investment within a few months of using Mentis due to the saving in terms of HR time, eliminating mistakes, improving employee productivity, better engagement and higher retention.

Easy to Integrate/Open APIs – HRIS should be open to exchange information with other systems. To eliminate duplicate data entry and its related perils, the HRIS should have open APIs to both allow to import and expose the information. Using open APIs always ensure that the system can easily fit into any IT environment or deployment model. Mentis offers extensive APIs that can be consumed to integrate with ERP, Job Portals, Third Party Systems, biometric devices, mobile devices and many of our partner apps.

Mobile Friendly – Most of the transactions, especially by the employees, should be easily handled from the mobile phone. To ensure this Mentis has native apps for both Android and iOS which can be easily integrated with any Mentis deployment (regardless of deployment model).

AI Ready Yes AI is the next big thing. HR has to come up to speed on it. Mentis already is AI ready. Whenever the company is ready to embrace the AI, Mentis will be ready to provide the solution. With built-in support for data science, machine learning, predictive models, chat bots & NLP, Mentis is already one of the most advanced AI platform for the HR industry.

Due to the reasons above, Mentis is undoubtedly the leader in the HR and Payroll Software industry. To know more you can continue browsing this site, interact with our AI ready chat bot or simply send us an email.



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