Hoshin Planning

Hoshin Kanri also known as Policy Deployment, is a process that was developed by the Japanese in early 1960s. This methodology ensures that everyone in the organization is aware of the strategic direction for the company. It allows for both breakthrough innovation and continuous improvement. It encourages more accountability and better transparency and tractability of goals.

How it works:

Top management defines the strategic goals for the organization and further defines the action plan for each of the strategic goal. The action plans are then deployed to the next level in the organization. The top down deployment is done till the top/middle management level. Each level under top management is, in turn, involved with the level above it to make sure that its proposed strategy corresponds to requirements using “Catchball” communication techniques. Regular reviews take place to identify progress and problems, and to initiate corrective action. The top management should be able to track the strategic goals and the performance of various individuals in the organization tree.

How to Automate:

Mentis HRIS developed by Bennett can help automate this process for your organization.  Bennett has successfully automated this process for Sona Koyo Steering Limited using their HR solution Mentis HRIS.




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